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Digital Design

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Everything from websites to campaigns nowadays are dependent on digital design. Every icon, layout and image has a designer behind it. If you're looking for someone to realize your vision of your next project, say hello and let's make something great together or browse selected works in digital design

Motion design is getting all the more prevalent in digital media. The benefits are many such as memorable visual communication, efficient messaging, speaking a universal language and developing your unique voice.

With illustrations I can create hand made sketches and products for you. Posters, calendars, paintings, story boards or even portraits? Yes!

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Prints & illustration

  01 / BLACKSTAR.  

About me

I'm Olov Svedjeland Ödlund, I’m 24 and an aspiring designer with a passion for digital tools. I’m a fast learner and adapt easily to  environments and to tasks at hand. Quis risus sed vulputate odio.


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Background & skills

I’m currently studying digital design at Yrgo in Gothenburg and will be graduating in april 2021. This education provides insight and experience regarding motion design, UX and UI for digital concepts and products. 


You often work in project form with student from other programs such as Web Developers and Art Directors. Together, you produce creative, needs-driven or experience-based solutions that work well, are user-friendly and add value to the user.

Software skills

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